Our Services

At All Bright we want to ensure your carpet is always cleaned to the highest possible standard. To do this we only offer a deluxe service but at a standard service rate.

We provide a strict 7 step process that includes:

  • An inspection with yourself so you can point out any specific areas and stains that concern you.
  • ⇒ Spot cleaner will then be applied to any necessary stains.
  • ⇒ A traffic lane solution is then pre sprayed to all high traffic and well soiled areas.
  • ⇒ An all purpose solution is then pre sprayed over all areas.
  • ⇒ The carpet is then agitated with a rotary scrubbing machine ( if necessary )
  • ⇒ The carpet is then steam cleaned using hot water extraction with a high powered truck mount machine. Carpets will normally be dry within 2 – 4 hours.
  • ⇒ The final step includes an anti bacterial deodoriser being applied to all areas.

To help keep our prices low the only thing we ask is that you vacuum before we arrive.


  • + Work is 100% Guaranteed
  • + Reasonable & Competitive Rates
  • + Experienced Hands On Owner
  • + Highest Quality Materials
  • + Efficient
  • + Honest & Dependable
  • + Superior Services
  • + Safe Cleaning Procedures
  • + 24-Hour Communication
  • + Liability Insurance

Upholstery Steam Cleaning

We use the same multi-stage steam cleaning techniques for upholstery that are so successful on carpets. Fabric colours will brighten, spots and stains will vanish, and your furniture will be dry and ready to use in a matter of hours.


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our cleaning system consists of first rotary scrubbing the hard floor surface using the highest quality cleaning solutions to agitate all grease, soiling and grime present on surfaces and in the grouting, followed by high pressure water rinsing application with our rotary vacuum extraction system.

The main benefit using this system is the hard floor areas are left practically dry on completion when cleaned without the use of excess water or over spray.


Carpet & Upholstery Protector

Your carpet and upholstery is a major investment. Daily wear and tear can remove much of its factory-applied protection. Fortify your upholstery and carpet by applying our carpet and upholstery protection.

Using our upholstery & carpet protection treatment, we can ensure added protection in those high-wear areas that need it the most. The process stops soil particles from penetrating fibres, allowing you to merely vacuum or clean out even the toughest dirt.

The carpet and upholstery protection application will ensure your carpet and upholstery lasts longer and increases its long term durability, but most importantly, it will always be much easier to clean during regular periodical cleaning.


Mattress Steam Cleaning

All mattresses contain dust mites and allergens! No matter how often you change your sheets or vacuum your mattress, there is no way you can completely rid your bed of the debris that accumulates through regular usage. We spend a good portion of our lives on our mattresses, a variety of organic materials – including dust, dead skin cells, pet dander and other matter – build up over time, triggering a host of health issues, including allergies and respiratory problems.

We use high temperature steam cleaning to eliminate odours and contaminants without the use of toxic chemicals. Steam cleaning is the clean, healthy way to eliminate lingering odours and contaminants. Our method does not leave behind harsh chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.


Car Interior Steam Cleaning

All Bright is an experienced cleaner serving various sorts of cleaning services including the interiors of the car with the steam cleaning services. The interiors of your car is cleaned with the steam cleaning technology carefully without any harm and damage to your property.


Leather Cleaning

For any sort of leather cleaning jobs, you can always consult with All Bright and get the relevant services as per your need. We have professionals with expertise in cleaning industry to provide you the advices and leather cleaning services as per your needs.


Flood Water Extraction

Water damage restoration is an emergency business. That’s why All Bright Carpet Cleaning is on call 24/7 to prevent further damage to your flooded carpet. Our quick response reduces your suffering and saves money. Water damage claims increase substantially if prompt action is not taken to contain the damage.

Our cleaning professionals use advanced products, procedures, and equipment to assure your flooded carpet is dry as quick as possible with the highest level of cleaning performance and protection for property and furnishings